About the Debtor Register


We live in an era where unsettled debts and financial non-cooperation can seriously affect individual lives and entire economies. Our mission is to create an effective and reliable means to tackle these issues.

The aim of RegisterOfDebtors.com is to protect creditors and promote a culture of responsibility and transparency in the financial sector. We want to restore trust in the economic system by providing a tool for the safe and anonymous reporting of debtors.

At the same time, we strive to inspire change by showing that debts can be addressed and settled. We believe everyone has a right to a fair and transparent financial system, and we are here to do everything in our power to make this ideal a reality.

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How do we operate?

We adhere to four core values that help us in our efforts to address debts and financial issues.


Anonymous Submission

Our platform is designed to allow for complete anonymity. Your identity will be protected at every step.



Upon receiving a tip, we initiate a thorough investigation. We collaborate with financial institutions and lawyers where necessary, but maintain our independence.


Subsequent Steps

Once we have sufficient information, we take the necessary steps to address the debt issue.


Transparent Feedback

Whenever possible and appropriate, we will provide you with updates on the status of your tip and the actions taken.